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"If we are talking about music I won't hesitate to say at one time I was a Kanye fan. But, were not."

Posted by Jewell D. on

The topic is Kanye and Fashion or more specific Kanye the Designer. Is he? That is the question I ask my self. Does the world consider him a designer. Does his clothing inspire or stem from a need to provide society with a vision. Well does it?"I would venture to say Kanye definitely plans a project before he releases it. As a new member of the Kardashian family with Kris at the head, A well put together scheme is only a pay day away. However, I would speculate as to whether Kanye can draw or sew for that matter. And if we just stick to the definition as it's been written, He is certainly a creator, planner, deviser, inventor and originator who has thought up a less than attractive collection of clothing that falls well below the lines of sophistication but make's up for it's short comings by being famous.We can go on and on but the truth of the matter is as much as I don't want to admit this. Kanye is a designer. But against popular opinion his collections are offensive and a slap in the face to all those designer who actually draw and sew and spend hours trying to come up with designs that trump the basic mediocre and bland silhouette of a over sized sweat shirt.As you can tell I am not a fan. I believe fashion should inspire. It should be true and a representation of the world you live in. Not society but the basements and high rises of you heart and creativity. And although I see nothing creative about Kanye's line of clothing, SMH! I am compelled to capitalize the first letter in his name and admit he is a designer. I am sure he puts his heart and soul into is works as we all do. And if you aren't your greatest fan and believe in what you build, no one else will. So the question is, and I ask, Can you see Kanye's Point Of View?

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